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here at Salamandra,

we distil your complex messages, defining elegant narratives through visual solutions, that connect and engage your target audiences. We innovate with the latest creative, design, web and animation technology because we are totally excited about our craft.
We hear that this excitement is infectious – let’s have a conversation.

more facts about us?


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let’s meet the team

We are a high calibre scalable team of experienced creative individuals who create beautiful designs, think outside-inside-and-behind the box, and build user-centric technical solutions that help you to achieve tangible results.
So, who are we?


Left handed, left footed, right brained and tri-lingual, Christine has helped clients, big and small, distill their brand message on various platforms and to multiple market audiences. Loves cats and dogs equally.


Called a Guru for a reason, Emma has a sharp eye for design, and has worked on many projects covering Animation, Brand and Web. She knows what works well and what doesn’t, and is always up for a challenge.


Able to work on multiple projects either big or small, Marcus can whip up anything in the animation department. From 2D and 3D animations, to illustrations and stills, he’ll always be able to produce a mighty piece of work.


Our official agency mascot and like everybody else in the office, an absolute tea lover!


Never far from his cameras, Mark knows how to bring out the best in his subjects and keep them at ease whilst in front of a lens, to bring out their engaging story.


Problem-solver deluxe, Rory always finds a solution to every problem using his industry savvy and his eternal optimistic nature - must be all that outdoors lifestyle and beach surfing!


Having worked on multiple and varied websites, Ben always finds innovative ways around clients requests, no matter how 'curly'. We love how he talks (and answers!) to himself.


Impeccably mannered, Stefan's talent behind the lens is luminary, teasing out the soul of his matter, whether a building, an interior, an event, portrait or a family group.


Another tri-lingual speaker, Marcelo has a trick or two up his sleeve, and can conjure up anything in the technical department. Never far from a coffee, he’s an expert at designing and coding digital experiences that are modern and slick.


Interns & Collaborators


Well versed in major international brand advertising in 3D animation, Marko produces amazing results, whilst keeping a wicked sense of humour.


Infused with the Twitter bug, and working the LinkedIn Lingo, Natasha knows the world of social media inside and out, and can write to suit any style, as long as she has a cup of tea by her side.


Knowing instinctively when it's a 'gram' moment, Jordan captures the moment perfectly on social media and can research up a storm on any subject.


With a particular love for creating his own original fonts, Raj can turn his hand to any type of illustration, animation asset, and original printed or online collateral.



want to work with us?

Are you an Ad or PR agency looking to team up for a project? We’re always happy to have a conversation as to how we can help you offer the best, joined up solution for your clients. Give us a bell!