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Author: Natasha Golec, Social Media & Marketing


Why GIFographics are the next big thing. 

Introducing our #GIFographicseries. Everyone is familiar with an infographic right? If you’re not, don’t worry. We’ll explain. An infographic is visual a representation of information. They’re awesome graphics to use, especially when you have a lot of information you need to present. Take a look at the infographic example below.

They’re able to show your data clearly in a way that’s visually appealing. It’s a win win situation if you ask us. So now you know what infographics are, let’s move onto their sister, GIFographics.

Like an infographic, GIFographics display information in a clear and consistent way, but that’s not all. GIFographics make magic happen because they display moving animation within the visual. 

This is great for several reasons. Moving animation will take you through a journey, which means whether you realise it or not, you’re engaged within the graphic.

They’re also great because:

They’re very visually appealing. 

You’re giving your audience something that’s eye-catching, riveting and engaging.

Your brand will be associated with that GIFographic, making your brand more memorable.

We could go on, but you could be here all day if we listed all the reasons. So take a look at one of our recent GIFographics we created. Over the weeks we’ll be sharing more GIFographics with you, so #watchthisspace 👀

Want to see more? Check out our latest GIFographic project.

If you’ve fallen head over heels with a GIFographic (don’t worry, many people do) we thought we’d tell you as well as being able to create a GIFographic from scratch, we can turn any current infographic into a GIFographic. 

As you can see, GIFographics are great to use for any type of business story or message, and we’re sure that GIFographics will be in the spotlight for a while.They’re an exciting and compelling visual graphic that’s becoming more and more popular for businesses. So if you’re keen to jazz up your content marketing strategy that’s appealing to your audience, try out a GIFographic for your business; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.