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Men & Motors – Website

What was the brief?

Men & Motors is a large pre existing brand who had been out the market for a while. They were looking to refresh their online presence and create three subsections to distinguish the old content that was from 1995 – 2010 to the newly produced content. Salamandra were asked to produce a website where they could highlight the old and still feature the new content. The website had to appeal to the fans of the older content but also to the new consumer based audience which is primarily made up of 16 – 25 year olds.


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra designed the Men & Motors website, and after designing, it was onto development to bring the site live. Having been a pre-existing brand, it was important to design a modern and polished website that would appeal to a young audience as well as their older audience, which is what was achieved. The design we created for the new website displayed that Men & Motors was a current brand who were up-to-date, which is important and a major appeal to their target audience.


What was our favourite part?

The chance to design for a different audience was probably our favourite part. In the past, Salamandra were used to creating for a B2B audience, so getting the chance to target and design something for a younger audience was refreshing. Men & Motors is a trendy, cool brand and being able to design for them was something that was fun and fresh.


And, what did the client think?

‘We are constantly surprised and delighted with the ​excellent ​work the Salamandra team has produced for us on a number of projects across our five businesses,​ ​including​ seriously engaging​ animated explainers​ and fresh modern websites​ for each of our brands.’