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Today is World Mental Health Day and with this year’s theme of Mental Health in the Workplace, we want to #BreaktheStigma surrounding the subject.

Mental Health is a topic that is not commonly discussed; there has been and unfortunately, there still is a negative picture attached to mental health issues, which results in people not feeling comfortable enough to openly talk about it – mainly from the people who suffer from it. According to the organisation Heads Together, 37% of people find it difficult to start a conversation about mental health. However, with a bigger focus around the subject, we are seeing more campaigns, brands and influencers encouraging people to talk about the subject.

In honour of this day, we’ve rounded up some effective campaigns which focus on mental health.



Animation: Out of Bound

Out of Bound is a short animated film which depicts a story of a man who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In this very effective story, we witness the protagonist undergo his daily routines; the animation transports us to the mind of someone who suffers from OCD – we see the environment in which the character lives in, how he thinks, and how he tackles a problem that he has to face. The short but effective film makes the viewer understand the mind of someone who has OCD and makes them realise the extent of the disorder.

The gorgeous animation is a powerful story that visually represents the mental state, and the challenges people with OCD have to encounter in their everyday life.

Novelist: Matt Haig

Once a DJ, now a novelist, Matt Haig is renowned for his empowering anthem, ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’. The self-help book that also serves as a memoir, Haig focuses on depression, where he lets us into his personal experience of what he went through, and how he managed to overcome a crisis that almost broke him, showing us how he was able to reconstruct his life:

“When I was 24 I very nearly killed myself. I was living in Ibiza at the time, in a very nice villa, on the quiet east coast of the island. The villa was right next to a cliff. In the midst of depression I walked out to the edge of the cliff and looked at the sea, and at the rugged limestone coastline, dotted with deserted beaches. It was the most beautiful view I had ever known, but I didn’t care. I was too busy trying to summon the courage needed to throw myself over the edge. I didn’t. Instead, I walked back inside and threw up from the stress of it.

Three more years of depression followed. Panic, despair, a daily battle to walk to the corner shop without collapsing to the ground.

But I survived. I am days away from being 38. Back then, I almost knew I wasn’t going to make it to 30. Death or total madness seemed more realistic.” – From Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive – http://www.matthaig.com/reasons-to-stay-alive/

A book that’s written with some joy and humour, Haig allows us to join his journey, showing us how to live life to the fullest, how to feel more alive, and how to live better. It’s something we would recommend 👌🏽

Change the Conversation #HeadsTogether

Heads Together is an organisation which combines 8 charities to tackle the negative stigma around mental health, and literally ‘change the conversation’ on mental health, to help people show that it’s good to openly talk about mental health. Heads Together is being supported by The Duke, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who want to make the topic of mental health an easier subject to discuss.

Heads Together has found that half the country doesn’t talk about mental health; the organisation wants to change this and get more people to open up and speak about it.

Having Their Royal Highnesses lead the campaign and stand as a role model for this organisation, Heads Together is helping people to literally ‘Change the Conversation’ about mental health internationally, giving people more courage to discuss mental health and to tackle the stigma that surrounding it.

Call BullS#!t

A movement for youths, Call Bulls#!t  is a campaign that highlights some teenage mental health issues that have been brushed under and treated as unofficial problems. The purpose of the campaign is to empower people to, just as the name suggests, literally Call Bulls#!t on the people who have criticised their mental health.

Commercial- Partners For Mental Health: Let’s Call Bullshit from Kelsey Larkin on Vimeo.

The campaign wants to empower these young people, and what a way to do it by literally Calling Bulls#!t on the criticism they have faced! 👏🏽

The Windsor Boy’s School #HelloYellow

Created by Soundwave Productions & The Windsor Boy’s School, this short film is raising awareness for mental health specifically in young males. The video is supporting Young Minds, an organisation who are committed to improving the mental health of young people.

The joyful film brings people and the community together, showing people that they do not have to suffer in silence.

So, here are 4 examples which target different issues of Mental Health in varied but effective ways.

If you notice your friend or come across someone who seems a bit down or not being themselves, don’t ignore it. Instead, simply asking ‘are you okay?’ can do a world of wonder, which could be the start to change that person’s life for the better.

So why not join us and help #BreaktheStigma of Mental Health.