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In the last few years, a number of brands have used poetry to artfully tell their stories. Poetry has a way of connecting, reminding us of our childhood, or allowing us to evocatively capture emotions or memories. In marketing, it can help to associate those feelings with your product or service, and create positive emotions around your brand. So, in celebration of National Poetry Day this year, we’ve put together a list of our favourite adverts that use poetry to effectively tell the world what they’re all about – check it out


Nationwide: Voices / Class of 2017 campaigns

A very effective series of spoken word poems exploring the things that matter to everyday people, from poets of all kinds. Nationwide, by focusing on the emotional reasoning of their audiences, promote their values as a service provider as their primary selling point.


Under Armour: Unlike Any Campaign

A very well executed campaign, telling the stories of 5 athletes, and the struggles they have been through to achieve their goals. For Under Armour, it is intended to make their offering more relatable for every woman, by addressing real and relatable struggles of gender, rather than solely focused on being a performance brand. The results? A breath-taking collaboration between some fantastic poets and the very creative film direction of Georgia Hudson.


Transport for London: Poems on the Underground

An oldie but a goodie, as they say – the Poems on the Underground campaign has been around since 1986. While it doesn’t actively promote the TfL brand, the long association between TfL and the creative arts has helped to create and maintain the heritage and trustworthiness of the brand.

National Trust: Ode to the Coast

The National Trust ran a campaign in 2015 in which they worked with renowned poet Dr John Cooper Clarke and with the nation to create a collaborative poem as an ode to the great British coast – much of the which is maintained by the charity. This audience-led approach is a fantastic way to generate content and to create a collaborative emotional investment in and response to the campaign. The resulting poem and film made a great impact – check it out:


Youth Can Do It: The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust has launched an uplifting campaign, designed to spread a positive message, and challenging the public to help give young people a chance. The evocative film is set to the brilliant poem ‘Bulletproof’ by 16-year-old writer Maya Sourie, and through well a well-edited narrative advocates the work that the charity does for young people from all backgrounds.


These examples show that a great narrative and engaging copywriting is important across every sector and industry, whether you’re creating an ad for online, print, television or radio.

We hope you enjoyed our rundown of 5 great examples of brands and poetry for National Poetry Day, and we leave you with this quote from George Gribbin which we think sums up the success of these campaigns:

“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.”