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QA Apprenticeships – motion graphics / video

QA Case study banner

What was the brief?

QA Apprenticeships asked Salamandra to create a series of videos that would explain and promote each of their apprenticeship courses. The raw film footage was provided, along with brand guidelines, and we were asked to create something fresh, appealing to the young adult market, and still representative of QA’s professionalism.


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra begun with creating a look and feel for the videos in the title and question cards, working within the colour palettes of QA, but adding bold complementary colours to fit in line with the spring 2017 trend.

QA animated gif QA Animated gif QA Animated gif

Salamandra was provided with the raw film footage – over 7 hours of it! We went through the process of editing down to find the concise and engaging answers that best communicated the message, and then set about creating the motion graphics.

This involved adding laying and manually ‘cutting out’ the candidates, to allow for the animation to reveal from behind them. The graphics were kept clean, slick and professional, emphasising the answers given. Finally the films were composited, the music was added, and the series was released as part of the spring 2017 campaign.


What was our favourite part?

We love the challenge of working within our client’s brand guidelines to create something that is on brand, whilst still giving them something fresh and a bit different! We also love seeing the videos we created for QA integrating really well onto their new look website.

QA Phone and tablet mockup image

And, what did the client think?

I have had the pleasure to work with Christine and her team at Salamandra working on a series of promotional videos, using a combination of life film interviews with engaging motion-graphics. They are extremely organised and have a fantastic work ethic. Prior to our initial meeting they conducted a vast amount of background research to develop a brief that understood and catered to our target audience.

They were able to accurately capture our vision and bring our stories to life, maintaining the balance between professional and fun – which is exactly what we wanted to achieve.

Despite the tight deadlines, Christine’s team went the extra mile to ensure the project was delivered in a timely manner and provided insights and ideas along the way.