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Author: Natasha Golec, Social Media & Marketing + Marcelo Pedro, Web Designer & Developer


Coder, Web Designer, Web Developer, Marcelo is the master man and creator behind our websites we design, produce and develop. So we decided to steal five minutes of his time and see what life is really like as a coder.

Tell us three things that sum you up:

“Well I’m definitely the worst person to judge myself but if I dare give it a shot, I guess I’d like to think that I am easy going, curious and friendly”.

What’s a typical day in the life of a coder?

“That one is a little tough to answer as it varies a lot, but it involves a fair bit of code (who would have thought) and a whole lot of debugging.
As a general rule, however, I try to anticipate any urgent matters right at the start of the day (7:30am to 8:30am), as I seem to function much better then!

After that, I spend a whole lot of time coding and re-coding, although most of that code is actually to correct broken bits of code here and there (basically debugging), which is hands down the hardest part of the job. But the good thing about our job (which is equally a pain in the butt for us) is that it’s all logical and very precise, so if anything goes wrong, you’re sure that you can start looking for your own error since it will certainly not be a machine error.

Then, I go home, to bed, and dream binary (computer language in just 0s and 1s)”.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Salamandra?

“My favourite thing about Salamandra is hands down the constant teasing going around (of which I am always the victim).
Of course, I say that jokingly, but amongst many other things, it is the people I enjoy the most. Everyone is just super kind, open, and always a couple of words away to help even on subjects they may not be familiar with.
I also love my job and doing so in a company in which each of our opinions actually matters and where we all work in a very agile way, but as I mentioned, the people are (for me) above that.”

Which one of your projects are you most proud of?

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved with the Royal Albert Hall animated map, which was a very different project for us, and a completely new thing to me personally, so it was very rewarding to see the final result, especially when it was officially launched on their website!” See the project here.

How did your interest in coding and web designing begin?

“Just like for game development, my passion for web development and more specifically front-end development is due to the fact that it perfectly balances two of my favourite skills: creativity and problem-solving.
Whether or not we like the internet with all of its pros and cons, one thing no one can deny is how much power and potential it gives to an individual, and if you have a creative mindset along with some patience and basic coding skills, you literally have the biggest blank canvas in front of you.”

What’s something that you’re very passionate about?

“I could go on forever talking about something that I am passionate about, for I almost develop a new passion on a weekly basis, however since I’ve kind of been talking about code in a way, I would have to say “open-source”.

Open-Source is when people come together to create something that will become available for others to openly contribute to as well, for no fee at all… although it’s always nice to contribute with donations (Blender3D which we very much enjoy here, is one example for instance).
These projects help people on a daily basis at a worldwide scale with just about any problem (studies, software, organisations…) or ideology (cryptocurrencies, open-communities, aliens…),  and have prevailed since the internet’s early days despite the constant pressure applied to it by much bigger corporations, for it goes far beyond the tech world limitations and reflects the best in us (sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true though!).”