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However tempting it may be to start winding down for Christmas early, keeping on top of your inbox during December is the best way to a smooth festive break. As Christmas approaches and the panic of the looming New Year sets in, emails can start to flood in. While we would all love to be eating mince pies and singing carols, there would be nothing worse than sitting at your desk, filtering through a pile of unread emails which you’ve been putting off.

If your inbox is becoming chaotic, fear not, you still have 10 days to go. Here are a few tips to keeping your emails under control, making for a productive and peaceful December:

  • Have an early spring clean – spend some time getting your inbox organised and creating a to do list to work through
  • Archive everything that you don’t need and unsubscribe to those subscriptions that you never read!
  • Stay productive and don’t over complicate things – limiting the number of folders you have will look less cluttered and save you time
  • Put your Out of Office on before you go and make sure to include the dates which your office will be closed
  • Lastly, don’t forget to wish your clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas – or better yet, send them an animated Christmas card!

We hope this helps to keep the Christmas chaos at bay and helps you to start January off with a bang!


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On the first day before Christmas, my client asked of me…
12 Deadlines Looming
11 Quotes a-waiting
10 Emails Pending
9 Drawings Happening
8 Voice-Overs Playing
7 Briefings Coming
6 Scripts Need Writing
5 Mooooood Boooaaards
4 Illustrations
3 PowerPoints
2 Animations
and a Marketiiiinggg Straaategyyyy