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It’s now almost Christmas time and we’ve finished running through (or singing through) our 12 Days of Tips for you, so Sal’s Christmas block is complete! Upstairs he has finished off his work with his feet up in front of the fire and a hot chocolate in hand, doesn’t he look chill? Be sure to check out this amazing artwork on our Instagram, and give us a like on the ones you love the most! There are even some cool behind the scenes 3D videos to show you just how the scenes were made over on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We know you may still be working through until next week, looking forward to chilling out like Sal, so why not read through all our tips to see what you missed or what could help smooth out your run-up to Christmas? Just click any of the links below to read them, and sing along…

On the first day before Christmas, my client asked of me…
12 Deadlines Looming
11 Quotes a-waiting
10 Emails Pending
9 Drawings Happening
8 Voice-Overs Playing
7 Briefings Coming
6 Scripts Need Writing
5 Mooooood Boooaaards
4 Illustrations
3 PowerPoints
2 Animations
and a Marketiiiinggg Straaategyyyy