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It’s the 12 days before Christmas! (for Salamandra.uk anyway…)

Over the next couple of weeks we’re providing you with all the tips and tricks to help your business smooth out the Christmas rundown! We’ll post a new blog each day, accompanied by our Sal hard at work – and make sure to give him a like on all our social media platforms, where you’ll also find exclusive behind the scenes footage!


So on the 12th Day Before Christmas, my client asked of me… 12 deadlines looming!

With the crazy season upon us, it’s easy to get stressed as the deadlines start piling up and squeezed right up to the day before the Christmas break.

Take a deep breath, cleanse your mind and consider the following:

  • Prioritise each deadline by dates, urgency, and importance to the business or your team.
  • Work backwards from each deadline project including all milestones needed to get there. Work out how long each milestone needs and fill in the calendar blanks.
  • Set deadlines for others earlier than needed, giving you a day or two’s grace as a contingency.
  • Work out every step needed to be done and by whom to enable you to project manage this and stay organised.
  • If any problems or challenges present, flag these immediately with others.
  • Focus by cutting out any distractions, either by rearranging your diary and taking out unnecessary meetings or appointments, putting on your headphones and writing a to-do list at the start and end of each day. Ticking things off can be so satisfying!

The important thing is not to panic, stay focused and organised and don’t forget to ask for help or delete where you can!


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On the first day before Christmas, my client asked of me…
12 Deadlines Looming
11 Quotes a-waiting
10 Emails Pending
9 Drawings Happening
8 Voice-Overs Playing
7 Briefings Coming
6 Scripts Need Writing
5 Mooooood Boooaaards
4 Illustrations
3 PowerPoints
2 Animations
and a Marketiiiinggg Straaategyyyy