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Presentations are vital for informing in businesses, community associations, educational environments etc, and they can be incredibly effective, particularly if they are created and conveyed in the right manner.

Fancy some tips to help you avoid any casualties of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ during their delivery?

Start with a story or script for the presentation – what are you trying to get across, to whom, why is it important and what would you like your audience to do – What is their call to action?

Have a beginning, a middle and an end. Ensuring you repeat the salient points at the end as a reminder.

Research the topic and obtain recent statistics because these work well visually, can be remembered/quoted and can get the message across succinctly.

Less is more, so aim to have bold imagery that reflects what is being discussed and very little text (if any). The trick here is to have a background script in your notes, that accompanies and compliments what the audience is seeing on the screen. Try and create a ‘story’ for each slide.

Pay attention to design and have a theme that runs throughout, visually and as part of the story/script. Have a visual agency add motion graphics or animation to your presentation to make it slick sexy and memorable. (we know a good one…)

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again until you can run the presentation without referring to your notes or to the screen behind you. This is key in getting the attention of your audience because they buy into your presence, passion and confidence. Knowing your presentation off pat will also reduce any nerves you may have about presenting to a crowd.

Lastly, believe in what you are presenting – Go get em!


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On the first day before Christmas, my client asked of me…
12 Deadlines Looming
11 Quotes a-waiting
10 Emails Pending
9 Drawings Happening
8 Voice-Overs Playing
7 Briefings Coming
6 Scripts Need Writing
5 Mooooood Boooaaards
4 Illustrations
3 PowerPoints
2 Animations
and a Marketiiiinggg Straaategyyyy