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With so much illustration inspiration to draw from, it can often be difficult to pinpoint the style that defines you and your brand and, unless you’re used to doing so, communicating your minds vision can sometimes become lost in translation. Here are 4 core tips to help bring your illustrated vision to life:

  • Mood board
    Before reaching out to illustrators, try to compile a mood board that conveys your visual goals by finding elements you like online and cutting and pasting into a file. This will help you narrow down your idea and is an appropriate first step when contacting an agency.
  • Language
    It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with some basic descriptive terminology (nothing too complex!) that will allow for an overall more streamlined process. This is easiest to do alongside your mood board as you will naturally come across useful descriptors when searching for styles. Ensure you convey what platforms, size and finish you will require upfront.
  • Constructive
    When giving feedback it’s important to be honest, but also constructive. Instead of saying you dislike something, get creatively involved by suggesting alternative ideas and be open to the process.
  • Trust
    Sometimes the most difficult but rewarding point, trust that the people you hired know what they’re doing! Trusting your creative counterparts by supplying your vision and allowing them just the right amount of creative freedom often harnesses the best results!


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    On the first day before Christmas, my client asked of me…
    12 Deadlines Looming
    11 Quotes a-waiting
    10 Emails Pending
    9 Drawings Happening
    8 Voice-Overs Playing
    7 Briefings Coming
    6 Scripts Need Writing
    5 Mooooood Boooaaards
    4 Illustrations
    3 PowerPoints
    2 Animations
    and a Marketiiiinggg Straaategyyyy