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  • What is a Mood-board?
    A mood board is a collection of images laid out as a collage on a single page, that helps to set the visual direction of a project. It’s a great way to kick off any kind of visual project – particularly animation and branding, as it helps us to find a visual style that suits you. This is especially important if you haven’t previously commissioned an animation or the type of collateral that we are creating, and don’t have clear guidelines on what this should look like for your brand.
  • How is a Mood-board made?
    Usually, a mood-board would be the very first thing we create, as we begin to establish the visual style. After receiving your brief, we would go away and find relevant imagery, in a variety of styles, colours and formats that we feel would fulfil your requirements. We would then share this mood-board with you and talk you through the options presented. You can then feedback to us what you like, what you don’t like and what you feel best represents your brand.
  • What is a Mood-board used for?
    Once we have your feedback on the Mood-board we will take the key imagery you have chosen and use this to inform our storyboard/initial creative ideation. This can then be translated into key style frames, which will be refined into the final look and feel of the deliverable.
  • What is the difference between a Mood-board and a Storyboard?
    While a mood-board is a collection of existing imagery that will influence the visual style of the end product – a storyboard is a step by step plan as to what will happen in animation, and will be drawn up in line with a finalised script, using the visual style as established with the mood-board.
  • Any other comments?
    From the perspective of the creative team at Salamandra.uk, it’s always really interesting when we hear back from clients as to what they do and don’t like on the mood-board, and to see what direction they want to go in from the options we have presented. We love putting together mood-boards – it’s a great way for us to get excited about a project, and get our creative juices flowing and inspired by all the great content out there!


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