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A voice-over can make or break your explainer video, so choosing a suitable voiceover artist is vital to getting your intended message across on any video or animation. Here are eight simple tips to help you pick the perfect voice for your project:

  • Script
    Know your message first! To avoid unnecessary re-recordings at extra cost, have a clear script prepared in advance so that your voiceover talent can take as much time as possible perfecting their lines.
  • Audience
    Next, know your audience! Your target audience should inform your overall message, but also how you could best deliver that message. Know who you want to reach and find a voice that speaks on their level and resonate with them.
  • Gender
    Now that you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, you can start to specify certain aspects of the voice. Would a softer, more feminine approach match your message or does your audience require a more masculine approach? Should they be young or old?
  • Character
    Providing your talent with a character that they can easily envision will allow them to engage with the script more, elevating the overall delivery and tone.
  • Accent
    Alongside considering their demographics, you should also note your audiences’ geographical scope. Is your audience local? National? International? A strong accent can connect with local audiences but may alienate those further afield or can stand out more by being different.
  • Tone
    Find the appropriate balance between seriousness and humour for your message, will injecting humour to the voice read with the style of the video or confuse your audience? Should the voiceover whisper or shout, entice or instruct?
  • Pace
    Sometimes overlooked, the pace is more than just matching the voice to the speed of the footage, it’s what draws the audience in and keeps them engaged. A pregnant pause can speak volumes!
  • Quality
    Finally, make sure your recording quality is of the highest standard possible! Nothing says unprofessional quite like muffled audio!


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