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As an Animation and Design agency, we draw at almost every stage of any project! It applies to each step of a process and is relevant even in a digital world. Here are some significant stages where drawing applies:

  • You do not need to be a skilled artist to draw – anybody can do it! It’s a visual language that conveys ideas quickly and easily.
  • Using traditional pen and paper helps us quickly kick off our process, and then digitally adapting this helps move further forward throughout a project. Drawing doesn’t just have to be pencil and paper!
  • Following on from that, ideation is the most common time to use drawing, whatever the project may be, it is the quickest and easiest way to come up with ideas which are easy to develop and share.
  • Storyboarding; further development of an idea. A storyboard is a visual representation of how a story will be told, the video will unfold, or animation will playout. It’s a super useful and easy way to convey proposals and be anything from low to high fidelity.
  • Asset creation is where drawing helps create different parts of one project, which can then be brought together to fully complete an animation, for example. These drawings are often highly detailed!
  • Graphic design and branding is not just creating a logo… but it is the part where drawing comes in most useful for graphic designers! From creating quick sketches to high fidelity prototypes of a logo, can be done on paper and developed in high detail!


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