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Artemis Fund Managers - 2D / 3D animation - Salamandra.uk

Artemis presentation image

What was the brief?

Artemis wanted to create an informational video on the risks and potential solutions of income drawdown, aimed at IFAs with existing understanding of the financial industry. The secondary aim was to create a piece that would promote the merits of the new Global Fund from Artemis, but not in an overly pushy way. The animation was to fit within the strict brand guidelines of the Artemis brand look, and to appeal to the relatively conservative financial/investment markets.


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra created a 90 second animation, using both 2D and 3D animation, that conveyed all the required information in an animated infographic style format. The process involved a lot of research to sufficiently understand the concepts and the products for our copywriters to create a succinct script that bore down into the story, and got the information across in a short period of time. After creating the storyboard, voice over, and the bespoke illustrations and 3D models, the animation could be created.

Pension fund gif  Artemis strategies gif

What was our favourite part?

We loved the feeling when, after creating the bespoke asset set, we were able animate them and see our ideas come to life successfully. The client’s reaction was pretty satisfying too!


The results?

The video was used on the Artemis website, sent out to IFAs, and used in Webinars to communicate directly with the target audience. The video went down very well with the audiences, and we’re now working with Artemis to create the second in a series of animations.

Boat linear gif Chair on beach linear gif Plants animated gif

What did the client say?

“A very friendly and efficient team who turned a complicated topic into an engaging and understandable story that was perfect for our target market. The good viewing and response rate achieved bears out the quality of the work.”