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We’ve been back at WeWork Tower Bridge, talking voice, chat and dialogue at the Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup!

We’re co-founders of the Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup, a group for anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry interested in learning more about multichannel marketing. Those who RSVP’d for our latest meetup joined us for artisan Homeslice Pizza, free draught beer, wine and lively discussion about voice in the pharma marketing mix.

Take a look at the photos below for a slice of the action.


Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup

The Diverse Interactive Client Development Manager, Chris Elson (left), alongside our speaker, Say It Now CEO, Charlie Cadbury.


Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup

Global Digital Marketing Lead at Norgine, Kym Jacks-Bryant, sharing the impact of Norgine‘s first patient chatbot.


Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup

Iconic London landmark inspiration, right out the window.


Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup

CEO of Say It Now, Charlie Cadbury, explaining the opportunity and enormity of voice search.


The other members of the Pharma Multichannel Marketing Meetup leadership team are twentyeightb and Wells Park Communications.

Sign up here to attend our next meetup.

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