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There is a deadly force at work, and we’re on a mission to end the “death by PowerPoint” epidemic!

You’ll no doubt already recognise the signs of this deadly epidemic! You get that email at 8.30am calling you to a strategy meeting, conference or pitch. You begin to sweat, hovering the mouse over the Decline button on the calendar invite, contemplating performing other meaningless tasks that could possibly be more important than this meeting. When you have exhausted all the options, including cleaning the coffee machine, you click Accept, you face the impending doom of the meeting, and now there is nothing you can do…

The day of the meeting has arrived. You cross all your fingers and toes in hope of being late to work so you conveniently miss the meeting entirely. Typically the trains are all running on time today. You walk into the meeting and you see a big bold title in word art, stylised in Comic Sans font. It’s too late. Start writing your own obituary as you inevitably suffer the terrible effects of “death by PowerPoint”.

Symptoms include decreased motivation, lack of concentration, drowsiness and extreme boredom.


"Death by PowerPoint"


Want to see what #Epic looks like?

From SME pitches to mega-conference presentations, put an end to “death by PowerPoint” with a kick-ass stack set to wow – presentations so draw-dropping your audience will all be mentioning you on social media followed by #Epic.

Check out the Milwaukee 2019 EMEA conference in Dublin. A case study about this animated presentation can be found here.