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The team at Salamandra was delighted to host Ed from neighbouring Eton College, to join us for a work experience placement. It is always great to be able to introduce someone to the inner workings of the creative industry and we hope we left him intrigued and wanting to know more! At least he has his portrait designed by our studio to remember us by.
Ed asked all the right questions and got involved with gusto to any task asked – we were very impressed with his drive and how he threw himself into the 3D modelling we set him, despite the challenges and never having done this type of creative work before. We think his results, use of light and texture are pretty amazing! Take a look and read Ed’s eloquent (and flattering!) reflections on his time as part of the Salamandra team below.

My Experience

I arrived at Salamandra to do four days of work experience lacking detailed knowledge about the world of advertising, animation, web design and 3dmodelling. To begin with, previously I had thought that a large team was required to construct animations or huge 3d projects and thus what really surprised me was the fact that only a relatively small group could produce such a vast amount of varied content including intricate short films and impressive animations. Moreover, with regards to modelling, I had no previous experience using programmes that enable one to create 3d designs and motion pictures.
However, whilst shadowing members of the team at Salamandra, I was able to obtain an adequate understanding of how Blender, an open-source 3d computer graphics software toolset, functioned as well as fascinating information about the production of animated films and work in graphic design. Additionally, I learnt about using advertising on social media platforms in order to attract more visitors and develop a larger audience.

Illustration of Salamandra's lizard

3D Modeling

Fortunately, I was able to make an attempt on my own 3d model, using Blender with a tutorial, which provided me with a detailed guide on how to get started with the programme and construct a still 3d image of a mug and doughnut. I managed to be quite successful with the project with the help of the team and most significantly have felt that, although it was a difficult challenge, I have achieved something that I can take a lot away from.

Have a look at my creation below:


For me, my experience has shifted my views on advertising as it allowed me to comprehend what happens behind the scenes when creating an animation or short film for a company and how demanding it is.  

Furthermore, initially I was apprehensive concerning having work experience in a particular field of work in which I did not have prior knowledge in, but after four days I was more than satisfied with my experience and believe it is a useful example to give regarding being faced with an obstacle and striving to overcome it. The cooperative and friendly environment surrounding Salamandra also really appealed to me and has firmed my ideas on working with a team in the future.

To conclude, my time at Salamandra was definitely worthwhile and I have gained an abundance of useful knowledge and skills, which I can apply when moving forward through my career. I am very thankful for the team at Salamandra who enabled me to thoroughly enjoy my experience and grateful for the fact that they gave their time to inform me about their work.