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As schools begin to break up for summer, it’s great to be able to host work experience students. This year we’ve had another Eton College student with an interest in Animation & Design.
Let him take you on a journey through what it’s like to work at Salamandra.uk…


Having arrived at Salamandra.uk’s Eton studio on an early Monday morning, I was met with an extremely warm welcome from everyone. Fortunately, I had briefly met mostly everyone at an event the previous Friday, so I didn’t feel a total stranger, although I still had no idea what to expect from the following four days here. The stand-up meeting started, and I was immediately impressed by the organised and enthusiastic attitude everyone had. Due to the wide variety of roles and tasks everyone jumped straight into as the Monday morning blues were left at the door, I was interested to see what I would end up doing. Having quickly realised that my time here would be engaging after a small chat with Christine (CEO) about Salamandra.uk, I went around, and everyone described their roles in fascinating detail.

After some direction and encouragement, I fell into the expansive world of the animation industry and found myself completely immersed in the research; I had no idea just how much my interests coincided. I ended up writing an article about it with help from Christine and Jake (Jake writes articles for Salamandra.uk and runs the social marketing). With the rest of the team’s help, 3D modelling began. The 3D modelling software which I had never used before first seemed challenging, but soon it become slightly easier (only slightly though). Difficult or not, I could not complain as it was so intriguing. I also felt that I was learning such a useful and exciting skill. A great deal of respect has grown within me for the seemingly endless efforts of the team.



Aside from learning about the industry and 3D modelling, what I found interesting was the way in which the agency operated. Sarah, Business Development & Account Executive, gave helpful explanations about how relations between clients were established. Whilst learning the strategy of marketing and outreach of Salamandra.uk mainly through social media, what I also learnt was that face-to-face meetings and events were required. Almost every day that I was here, at least one team member was off at an event, each time coming back with a successful report. This inspiring nature of the team brings me onto describe the workplace environment.

Before coming I was unsure what I would be doing and what the atmosphere would like. Now I still cannot exactly describe the atmosphere because it was so varied. This variation is definitely something I hope to experience when I go on in the future to work professionally. Sometimes it was relatively quiet, other times it was full of activity. But more importantly it was full of enthusiasm and hard work from everyone. From what I could tell everyone enjoyed what they were doing and when the end of day came around, I found myself and everyone staying longer. The overwhelmingly good mood was only made better by the streaming summer light coming through the windows stretching the entire length of the office. It made a refreshing change to the sometimes depressing mood of a classroom.

Ultimately, I would wholeheartedly recommend this placement to anyone even if they think they might have no interest or experience in animation, because there is no shortage of things to get on to nor ever a dull moment. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity Salamandra.uk have given me for the placement and I know others to come after me will feel the same. From my time here I can see that vibrant studio Salamandra.uk improves with every day and a bright future awaits. I wish the best for all the team.

Tom Keating


Salamandra.uk is a visual agency with studios in Eton and St Andrews. We’re experts at conveying complex messages in animation and design on the most appropriate platform.