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Case Study: Manley Gallery - Salamandra.uk

Welcome to our case study of Manley Gallery, who are approaching their 130th birthday next year in the restoration of fine art paintings and decorative frames. Founded in 1891 on Peascod Street in Windsor,  they have been restoring fine art (including works of Lowry, Monet and Hockney) for Windsor Castle, Eton College, Sandhurst Military Academy, private art collectors and local owners covering an enormous variety of topics, mediums and vintages.

What was the brief?

The Manley Gallery had a problem that their neighbours in the lizard lounge could solve! The gallery has three very specific sets of skills and services, which can’t all be seen from their shop front. They found that people walking past their gallery on Eton High Street, often stopped to look in the window (day and night) but weren’t quite sure of what they did. So, we were asked to create 2 explainer videos to tell the story of Manley Gallery, their history, talent, services, process and everything they offer.

restoration of a frame

What did salamandra.uk create?

We filmed, interviewed, edited and added motion graphics and music to two different explainer videos. 

The first explainer was a longer video which portrays what the gallery does and their specific expertise. As their services can’t be seen from the front of the shop, we decided to create a video that begins at the front of the shop and takes a journey through the Manley Gallery all the way to the back of the long gallery building. This allowed us to include the three sections of the business; the gallery, frame moulding, restoration and framing. The owner Malcolm Leach was interviewed about the business, it’s history, his talented team and interesting vignettes of some of their projects and this was used as a voice-over throughout the film. We narrowed the footage down, ensuring only the highest quality footage was used and made the interview speech flow. This version is used on their website and social media.


The second explainer was a slightly shorter looping video with no sound to be played on a loop in the shop window. It is now played on a screen (which was gorgeously framed using old fashioned moulding) and is shown day and night in order to attract passersby’s attention.

People walking past their shop are not able to see the process of their services, therefore, the video gives a sneak peek of some behind the scenes action of frame restoration, picture restoration, paper restoration, oil painting restoration, acrylic restoration and picture framing.


What was our favourite part?

We loved being able to benefit not just our community but also our neighbours at Manley Gallery. Having worked next door to the gallery for a number of years it was a great opportunity to showcase them in film, especially in such a lovely, concise video of portraying their unique story. 

Tech-wise, we were excited to be able to work with Soundwave Productions for the filming to create such a professional, serene video using state of the art cameras on gimbals and highest resolution film quality. We also enjoyed being able to encapsulate the light, work and feel of the gallery and the art industry in a video. All editing, motion graphics and post-production was done by Salamandra.uk.

And, what did the client think?

“Our studios have been located at our current premises in Eton since the 1950s and we have recently been sharing our premises with Christine and the Salamandra Team. Last year,  we commissioned Salamandra to create a short promotional video for our window display and web site which has been a great success and boosted the volume of enquiries for our services,  and we thank them all for their brilliant work”. – Malcolm Leach at the Manley Gallery