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One Media IP’s Technical Copyright Analysis Tool (TCAT) is an innovative SaaS platform developed with the aim of automating the difficult and time-consuming task of monitoring digital music releases. This powerful software scans international digital music stores for unauthorised and duplicated releases, additionally giving in depth performance reports on a release, including chart performance and territorial sales.

TCAT – One Media by Salamandra from Salamandra Design & Digital Ltd on Vimeo.

The Brief

Salamandra was tasked with creating a 1-minute 2D animation, which would serve as a selling tool to explain what the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool does, both currently and in likely future developments.

To really come to grips with what the software does, it is necessary to see a live demo and so the animation would serve to offer an overall picture of the tool, whilst simultaneously developing further interest in the product. TCAT is a multileveled service, so the challenge was to highlight all the aspects of the tool equally, while still keeping the message simple and the tone serious and professional.

The Solution

The brief required Salamandra to develop an animation that gets the multileveled characteristics of TCAT through a message with a serious tone, which highlights the fact that music labels are losing money, whether through error or from using tracks without any legal rights.

The project began with the standard client communication, a briefing that allows the team to analyse the target audience’s qualities and discuss the proposed tone, manner and outcome of the task.

Some of the target market may want to make sure their record release has made it to all the required stores, while others might be interested in knowing more about copyright laws surrounding their release. So the main challenge for Salamandra was conveying all the nuances of the software with equal consideration, as what is an important aspect of the tool to one client won’t be for another.

The team designed a linear plot colour, contemporary motion graphics style animation along the TCAT brand guidelines, with a mixture of 2D icons and animated text, which was ideal in conveying the bespoke and unique nature of the software.

The Results

Straightforward, professional and relevant, the animation succeeded in creating a thorough explainer video, detailing all the necessary and important information regarding TCAT. As it is yet to be publicly released, audience data and reactions have not been recorded, but the commercial director of One Media IP stated that Salamandra really did create ‘magic’ and that the animation was ‘really very splendid’. Since the completion of the animation phase, Salamandra has been commissioned to help One Media iP with the design and development of a number of web platforms, including a website to hold and promote the TCAT brand and animation.