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2D/3D Illustrations - Salamandra.uk

Whether corporate or consumer based, your business may prefer to use illustration over photography, allowing you to create a more consistent brand look. Salamandra can illustrate book and magazine covers, icons and 2D/3D illustrations for websites, social media and blogs and staff portraits or character designs – along with bespoke illustration projects. Our illustrations are eye-catching, on brand, and have a painstaking attention to detail – we love to delight with details that encourage audiences to come back and look at your content time and time again.

Print Illustration

Whether you need visualisation for a book, magazine or corporate print collateral, Salamandra can create artwork in a huge range of styles. From children’s book illustrations in 3D, to corporate 2D vector illustrations for office decals, we can illustrate in whatever style suits your brand aesthetic (or develop a style for you). Our illustrations for print are always created as print ready artwork, and we are happy to arrange the printing for you and to recommend print finishes.

Icon Design & Digital Illustrations

Bespoke icon design is a valuable asset for any business – not only does it keep your web and print publications looking consistent and on brand, it gives you a valuable resource for future collateral and social media content. Additionally, bespoke icons can be used in physical spaces as signposting, which ties together your branding on and offline.

In addition to icon design, we can create 2D or 3D illustrations in a matching style for your website, social media or blog. These allow your digital offerings to be instantly recognisable wherever they are seen online. This might include illustrations of your offices or venue, blog topics or services/products.

Find out how we created The Screen icons and illustrations here.

Character Illustrations

Salamandra can create character illustrations to suit your business’ needs – whether it be for staff portraits, or a company mascot or character. For team illustrations, we can work in whatever style best captures your team’s spirit – 2D, hand drawn or 3D! This can also be a great tie-in to a company animated explainer – using the same style of characters for your explainer and team illustration to create a cohesive and recognisable style. Look below to see Impact Catering’s staff illustrated to match their explainer video, or check out our website’s ‘about page‘ to see our own ‘pop art’ style illustrations.

Impact Catering team caricatures

Find out more about how we branded Impact Catering.

Bespoke Design

Salamandra is always happy to discuss bespoke illustration requirements, and give suggestions as to what could work for your brand. One such bespoke project was a custom ‘vintage’ styled map, created for an independent gourmet restaurant, to illustrate their locally sourced products. For this, we individually illustrated hundred of local landmarks and food providers, and placed them on a hand-drawn map, which was then printed out at a large scale, as a feature piece in the restaurant.

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