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Animated Presentations - Salamandra.uk

When presenting at an event, or product launch, it can be a daunting task to convey information in an interesting and arresting way. We’ve all been to ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentations, and you want your brand to stand out and step it up from that. Salamandra can assist in creating the next generation of animated presentation in PowerPoint – crafting something totally on brand, fully animated and visually dynamic.

From huge projection mapped shows, to 3D product previews, our presentations run more like a slick interactive video. Whether you want something completely custom designed and animated, a semi-changeable piece with editable text, or just an animated template we can help power up your presentations.


     ARCC animated gif

Take a look at our reel of PowerPoints below, to see some examples of what we have created recently.

Some of our client presentations either cannot be shown or have been heavily altered, for the protection of our client’s internal data.