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App Design - Salamandra.uk

Brand Apps

If you are developing an app for your business, Salamandra can help design a user interface that is on-brand and intuitive for your audiences. Whether you have an infrastructure in place and just need the ‘front end’ visuals designing, or you need help from the beginning of development, Salamandra can create an app experience that works for your brand.

If you have an app developed, but just need instructional animations or bespoke icons to improve the user experience, Salamandra can help. Having knowledge of design trends for mobile, allows us to create assets optimised for the platform, so assets will look good, and work for you.

App design animated gif

For Developers

For app development companies with a focus on back-end and database, Salamandra can help you create a visually appealing skin for your app. We focus on the user experience and design elements required to make your app look as good as the content deserves.