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Branding - Salamandra.uk

Whether you are starting out, going through a re-brand or acquisition or just freshening up, Salamandra has branding expertise to help you create a cohesive and considered look. In today’s competitive market it is so important to ensure your brand looks trustworthy, legitimate and is positively representing your services or products.
Below are some of the services Salamandra can help you with the branding process, with a little explanation as to what each service entails.

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Company Names, Strapline, Messaging & Copywriting

At Salamandra, we are experts at all things visual – but as many Hollywood flicks have taught us, visuals with no story or substance can only get you so far!

We can help you make sure your story is clear, concise and consistent.

Whether that is helping you come up with your company name and/or strapline or running one of our popular high-octane messaging workshops to get your story nailed down, Salamandra has got you covered. Our messaging workshops help you to establish your target audience personas, messaging points for these personas and most importantly the proof points that behind these.

With this information beautifully presented in a brand messaging document, you can make sure your whole team are singing from the same song sheet.

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Logo/Brand Imagery Design

Whatever your industry, we can design you a modern, long-lasting and effective logo that perfectly suits your brand. As part of our logo design process, we conduct research and create a Moodboard to help you pin down what you like and don’t like – from here we define a colour palette for your brand, and produce artwork options, working with you to reach an end product that is the perfect fit for your business.

We can also design brand imagery around this logo – be it illustrations, or an animated icon which can be used on websites and branding your social media channels.

ARCC logo mockup with progress

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See an example of an animated logo below –

QA logo example

Brand Guidelines

Having established your brand look, we can put together a fully branded guidelines document, laying out the colours, fonts, logo usage and brand imagery, ensuring your communications are always on point. With brand guidelines for your staff to follow, your company will come across to consumers in a more consistent, recognisable, and therefore trustworthy way.

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