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Film & Motion Graphics - Salamandra.uk

Film and Motion Graphics

Film, when complemented with Motion Graphics (animated graphic design), can be used to create an arresting piece of content, more effective than traditional talking heads or interviews. Whether this is adding titling and keywords to interview footage, or motion tracking data and call-outs on product footage – combining motion graphics and film can make all the difference.

In today’s world of mobile working, many potential consumers take in content through their phones, adding motion graphics allows your film content to have an extra layer of accessibility for users who watch without sound.

QA Animated gif

Salamandra can expertly work with both film and animation, allowing us to bring out the best in both. Whether we shoot the film for you, or you provide us with your existing footage, we can work our magic and craft something that tells your story.

Take a look at our example below, created for QA apprenticeships, to see how motion graphics added extra zing to their film footage and helped to tell their story and for more information on the project read the case study here.


For more of our work check out our case studies page here!