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Infographics/Gifographics - Salamandra.uk

When your business has a lot of information to convey, you need a format that is visual and easily shareable. Whether it is for social media, your website/blog, print collateral or a presentation, infographic elements allow for the representation of potentially complex information in a more appealing format.

Infographics are ideal for statistic-based presentations and instructional communications, as they can clearly represent data or the user journey – be it that the sales journey or post-sales training. Stylistically, infographics can be typography, icon or illustration based, depending on your brand image and guidelines.

Additionally, Salamandra can also create ‘gifographics’ – which are essentially infographics that are subtly animated, to be eye-catching and stand out from the crowd. These can be provided in a gif or video format for use on any digital platform – including social media, websites or presentations. See a snippet of the gifographic we created for Five Bars below, or see the full thing here

Traditionally infographics have been presented in long vertical strips, however, we can create these in horizontal, vertical or square format.

Stand out from the crowd with engaging and shareable visual content, that is tailored to be on-brand.