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We know it’s still November… but you can’t go 15 minutes watching TV right now without seeing at least one great Christmas advert! We’ve ranked our Top 5 favourite animated (of course) Christmas ads below…


5. Very

This Christmas advert pulls at heartstrings to ensure one elderly neighbour – Sydney – isn’t left out at Christmas! We love the use of light in this animation, especially in the gift which conveys the message of how easy it is to light up someone’s Christmas.


4. McDonald’s

A classic theme with Christmas adverts – bringing things to life through a child’s imagination! However, what we love most about this advert is how the animation dissolves into reality at the end, showing you just how far your imagination can take you and using animation makes it all possible!


3. Ikea

This is a funny one, and the animation differs to the others in our top picks as it merges live-action with visual effects to bring the ornament characters to life in a humorous twist. The Panda is our favourite!


2. John Lewis

of course…
Another one merging live action with incredibly detailed CGI effects for an advert. We love the emotional but fun aspect of Excitable Edgar’s character, and how it shows that animation can be really impactful and convey any message.


1.  Joules

Our top pick is a classic! Wallace and  Gromit is an iconic stop motion animation that everybody is familiar with, how can you not love it? If only preparing for Christmas truly was as easy as clicking a button.


…and a Special Mention to…


This is a studio favourite, because they collaborated with Disney’s Frozen!