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Point Classics - Animation, Website - Salamandra.uk

What was the brief?

Point Classics approached Salamandra as they wanted a 2D explainer animation to show what Point Classics offered and how it worked. They wanted the explainer to appeal to the creative industry that ranged from TV to agencies to Film to Universities, as well as reaching out to prospective people so the animation had to be universally appealing to a range of audiences.

What did Salamandra create?

After understanding what Point Classics offered and how the industry worked, we were able to dive straight in. After seeing if the client had a particular style and look in mind, we created the script and moodboard, and after the client’s approval, we were able to create imagery for storyboard. Once the storyboard was approved, we were able to create the animation. Trying to get the animation to appeal to a variety of audiences was tricky at first but we managed to create an animation that was versatile. The animation resulted in being a film grain typestyle.


What was our favourite part?

One of our favourite parts of the project was being able to design the characters using Digital Painting.


The results?

After creating the 2D animation explainer, Salamandra also tasked with redesigning the Point Classics website that would have the same style and feel of the explainer animation. Their original website was pre-existing that had a huge database, so we only redesigned the front-end of the website. We recreated the HTML to bring it up to date with the new look of the animation we had just created.


And, what did the client think?

‘We are constantly surprised and delighted with the excellent work the Salamandra team has produced for us on a number of projects across our five businesses, including seriously engaging animated explainers and fresh modern websites for each of our brands.’