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Recently we took on a talented animation student who came all the way from France to intern with us!

Providing the team with awesome ideas, Robin who’s in her third year of university studies 3D Animation and joined our studio to gain experience by learning in the working field.

Initially, we found Robin via her online animation portfolio, which had jaw-dropping creativity. So, we decided she was the perfect fit for our temporary intern position. In total, she’s been with us for 6 weeks working on a top-secret project, however, for now, let’s find out more about Robin and the experience she has had interning with Salamandra.

Q: Hi Robin, tell us about yourself?

A: “Hello, I’m a 20-year-old, 3D engineer from Normandy and I’m currently studying 3D Animation/Cinema at the ESMA university of France. My goal is to enter the animation industry and work as a 3D rigger and character designer. Perhaps one day, I may enter the VFX scene”.

Q: What are your interests?

A: “Other than animation, I like to study things about space, play table-top RPGs, video games and a passion for music. I can play instruments like the Flûte traversière, Guitar and the Ukulele”.

Q: What kind of games do you play?

A: “I mostly like RPGs and First-Person Shooters. There’s one first-person shooter I particularly like called TF2 (Team Fortress 2) which was a game that helped inspire me to study animation.

TF2 has a small but active community of animators who create fictional and inspired fan stories revolving around the game. TF2’s animation community is open, friendly and not to mention, funny! Along with TF2, I also enjoyed playing Blizzard games. Blizzard is a gaming company who specialise in not only games but also animated shorts. The thing I like about Blizzard is the amazing art-style their games have, which was also another factor leading my passion for 3D animation”.

Q: What’s your favourite aspect of animation?

A: “My favourite aspect of animation is to create believable things and having the freedom of exceptional creativity when working. I also have a passion for certain types of animation like stylised animation. I also like photorealism, but I find it less interesting then stylised animation as it’s less creative and more technical, but I can’t deny it’s cooler to look at”.

Q: How does it feel to study abroad with Salamandra?

A: It doesn’t feel strange as I originally thought it would be, this is the longest time I’ve spent in the UK previously only spending a weekend or more. 6 weeks was a challenge but thanks to previous adventures to the UK, I knew what to expect, like how much British people love their tea, haha. Other than that, I really enjoyed working here and meeting you guys”!

What were your original expectations about working in the animation industry, and what was your favourite part about working with Salamandra?

A: “I expected it to be stricter and more serious, but it was actually really fun and creative! Being able to participate and find solutions for a project I worked on was the best part! As it allowed me to improvise more, using the skills I learnt at university and applying it to a working environment! Originally, I thought that I would just have to do what I was told and keep my head down but I was completely wrong. Salamandra has shown me a lot about what it’s like to be in a working environment and was a great experience for my first time interning, I just hope everywhere I go can be like this”!

Thank you Robin!