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SiteLive - Branding, Animation, Website - Salamandra.uk

What was the brief?

SiteLive is a business management solution who had created a piece of project management software that they wanted to launch. Specifically designed for the communications and service industry, they wanted to launch this new piece of software for businesses but they needed to make the product visible for other businesses to show it was a SaaS (software as a service).


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra created the branding, including the logo and an infographic, an explainer animation and a website. We started by creating a set of brand guidelines as a base starter that would be used as a valuable guide we could refer back when creating the other parts of the project. We then designed their logo which gave us a good structure for when we created the animation and website. Salamandra helped with marketing collateral where we produced an infographic and powerpoint. After this we moved onto creating a 2D animation that explained the project management software, including how it worked and how it was used. The final part of the project was creating SiteLive’s website that displayed all their services they offer and how they worked, including the launch of their new piece of software.


What was our favourite part?

On the branding side, our favourite part was creating the set of icons that represented the different parts of the software which helped to solidify the brand look. When creating the animation explainer, we really enjoyed designing the characters.