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Soundwave Productions gif

Salamandra are proud sponsors of Soundwave Productions, a start-up company run by two 17 year-olds, Zander and Ed. Whilst trying to lift their business from the ground, these two boys have also been busy with school work, starting their A-Levels, as well as fitting in some time for a social life (we ask them what their secret is). As their sponsor, we thought we would steal them away for five minutes and ask them all about their growing business.

Zander                                                   Ed




Tell us a bit about yourselves and about your brand.


“I’m Zander and I started Soundwave Productions at my middle school because of my growing interest in the industry of sound and lighting and becoming increasingly involved with events at my School and in the Windsor community. I started the company as I thought it would be fitting to create a name to put my services under”.


“I started the Soundwave Productions Sherborne branch in 2015 having heard the success that my old friend Zander was having in Windsor with the business he had started. Aside from heading up this branch, I am also a technical member of the National Youth Theatre and work as a local theatre technician”.

How do you juggle your social life/school work/Soundwave all at once?!


“Managing my time can be ‘interesting’ as I tend to have a lot of things going on. I’m at school up to 6 – 7 days a week doing a combination of studying and Soundwave Productions work which include concerts, school productions, event filming, sport meets or whatever else the school may need my help for. School-work takes priority, and though it can be tricky I somehow always seem to find the time to do everything just fine”.


“I have to be honest; I don’t juggle it particularly well. Having started studying for my A-Levels this year, schoolwork has become my top priority. To make sure I can fit time in for our business I have had to create very efficient ways of doing all the Soundwave Productions paperwork, administration, and advertising without taking up most of my time. It seems to be working but definitely could do with further improvement. Aside from that, I try to find as much free time to go out with friends, walk the dog and relax”.

When did you start getting an interest in this industry and what made you officially want to start your own production business?


“From primary school times, Ed and I decided we would one day jointly own a theatre and put on productions. Ed already had an interest in sound and lighting, which sparked my interest in the industry. Once I got a bit older, I started to take part in school productions and gained a deeper understanding of the industry. I then started Soundwave Productions as I was starting to do work outside of school for private events. Since then Ed and I have reconnected with each other and started our joint business venture. The rest is history”.


“When I was younger, around age 7 or 8, both Zander and I used to put on small plays to our parents when we were at each other’s houses. We used to use bedside lamps and bed sheets to create a makeshift theatre in the house and our sisters were the stars of the shows. We were both fascinated by the idea of creating magical atmospheres just through light and sound.

A few years later, it became obvious to us that there was a genuine way to make a business out of our childhood imagination, albeit with more professional equipment; something tells me that bedside lamps wouldn’t make our clients particularly pleased…”

How did you decide on the name Soundwave Productions? 


“I see myself primarily as a sound technician, which led me to create a name that had something to do with sound. I liked the sound of Soundwave Productions (pun intended) and all that it could encompass, so I went forward with the name. Since then our services have branched out from sound design and operation to include film and photography, but I still think that our name is relevant to what we do. And I love how our logo animates!”

Salamandra sponsored Soundwave Productions by creating and implementing their branding, animated logo plus the design and implementation of hosting their website.