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Table Art - Website, Animation - Salamandra.uk

What was the brief?

Table Art are an event organiser who provide table centres and props for events. The client wanted us to create an editable animation template which would be used to showcase their upcoming events. They were keen to have an editable template as it would allow them to change and tailor information about a specific event when needed. Table Art wanted to incorporate the props and elements they provide for their clients within the animation. Regarding the micro-site, the client specifically asked for a parallax feel integrating elements they used for the event.


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra created an editable animation template to showcase their upcoming event. The animation included lots of cut out shapes of the props Table Art provides and uses to dress an event. The animation not only displayed the event details but it was able to show who Table Art are and what they are able to produce for their clients. We created an animation that produces a journey for the client; as we’re taken through the ski slopes each corner gives the client information about the event. We created an editable micro-site that allowed Table Art to tailor and edit the information for any event.


What was our favourite part?

With the project being quite an unusual request, we definitely enjoyed creating something we hadn’t experienced before, and it was really great to do something new. We liked how we incorporated their props into the animation and were able to create a winter wonderland theme. The client were very easy to work with as they were passionate about what they do and were very enthusiastic about what we do. From the mood-board to the end result, being able to see the whole animation visually was exciting and a great sense of achievement