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TCAT - animation, website & branding - Salamandra.uk

TCAT case study banner

What was the brief?

TCAT wanted to create a 2D animation that would serve as a selling tool to explain what the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool (TCAT) does, which would be used currently and in likely future developments. The aim was to create an animation that would highlight all the aspects of the tool equally, while still keeping the message simple and the tone serious and professional.


What did Salamandra create?

Salamandra created a one minute 2D animation that shows the multi-levelled characteristics of TCAT, highlighting the fact that music labels are losing money, whether through error or from using tracks without any legal rights. The animation was designed a in linear, contemporary motion graphics style, with the main feature being a continuously moving soundwave that directed through the storyline, and was actually created from the audio waves of the voice over.

TCAT web mockups image

Additionally Salamandra created a one page website to serve as an informational landing page about the SaaS, and using graphics from the animation, created an infographic to visually explain the process.

TCAT brochure mockup

This is also used to create a print brochure for use by the sales team as a hand out in meetings. The brochure was kept consistent with the animation, so the prospective client experience was always on brand.

TCAT assets image

What was our favourite part?

Designing the assets was our favourite part of the project. We were creating an animation for a very particular industry, and the animation was very much part of TCAT’s brand. The assets were very specific to the industry, and we hadn’t experienced making something like this before.


The results?

Straightforward, professional and relevant, the animation succeeded in creating a thorough explainer video, detailing all the necessary and important information regarding TCAT.


And, what did the client think?

The commercial director of One Media IP stated that Salamandra really did create ‘magic’ and that the animations was ‘really very splendid’.

TCAT animated gif   TCAT animated gif