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The Making of 'The Science of Salamandra' - Animation - Salamandra.uk

Salamandra animation poster image

Introducing ‘The Science of Salamandra’, our new short film that tells the story of what we do and what we can create for you and your business.

With the recent update of our website, it was time to create a new explainer animation, however, it was important that our brand message would remain consistent. As we were technically acting as the client for this project, we had the freedom of using any style, giving us the chance to experiment with different techniques. We knew we were keen to incorporate 3D animation, but we needed to set out a story and theme before getting down to the fun side!

So, before you see what we got up to during the making of our animation, crank up the sound and enjoy our short film!

The story starts off with 2 characters, with one trying to explain his business idea to the other character who doesn’t get it. This is the moment we spill the secret and take you into Salamandra’s ‘laboratory’, where you get to witness the magic happen as we combine different elements together to create the perfect tailor-made solution for you.

We wanted to capture the essence of Salamandra in our short film, so we mixed our diverse creative styles along with our quirky personality, and created an animation that defines what we are about.





Just like any animation we create, we developed a mood board to generate our preferred style.


We took the script from our original explainer animation and slightly altered it, however, we made sure to maintain our brand message.




Character Development

We created our 3D models via Blender, an open-source (free) software tool that’s used to create 3D models, animated films, interactive apps and visual effects.


What was our favourite part?

A studio project, ‘The Science of Salamandra’ was a very exciting animation to work on as it involved the whole creative team and their diverse skills. We had a lot of fun playing with various styles such as 2D and 3D animation, illustrative work and even liquid animation!

Creating the 3D models and incorporating them into the scene was definitely a lot of fun. We loved the outcome of the visuals, and it was exciting to see the characters being animated into life. It was a great project to work on, and seeing all the different components come together into a short film was pretty epic!