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The Queen's Six - logo and website - Salamandra.uk

The Queen's Six website preview

What was the brief?
Aiming to reflect “youth” and “tradition”, both of which characterise this choir of six based at the Windsor Castle (all also Lay Clerks of St George’s Chapel), the idea was to combine that into a clean, simple and elegant website and logo that would appeal to all age groups, while keeping a funny and positive touch at the image of The Queen’s Six.


What did Salamandra create?
The Queen's Six logo
For the logo, the client wanted a very elegant font in order to reflect it’s royal connection, while remaining as simple as possible in their purple colour of choice.

A minimalist design and minimal scroll were two essential key points for the website. Everything had to be easy and quick to access in order to provide the best possible user journey on all devices equally.


What was our favourite part?

The website’s homepage design was a big challenge due to its unusual nature, so hands down, my favourite moment of this amazing project was to see such positive reaction when all members were presented with the design idea.
The Queen's Six singers


What did the client say?
All of our now favourite six singers were delighted by the result of both projects and proudly rushed to instantly display them on social media, and quite frankly, we couldn’t be any more proud!