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The Screen Cinema has recently opened up in Windsor and they approached us to do their Branding, Website, Animation and Social Media Marketing. We hope that by sharing this case study you’ll find the results as interesting as we had fun working on this project.

Before we begin though if you haven’t seen our first blog on how we created their branding, animation and website, have a read here beforehand for a better understanding of how this project unfolded. Let’s begin.

The Screen’s Social Media

When we first set up and branded their social media accounts, focusing on the area of Windsor and environs, we came up with multiple strategies on how to build awareness and follower counts. Some of these strategies included PPC, content marketing, SEO, social media and more.

We ended up choosing three platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and one, in particular, performed exceptionally well.

Facebook (in Social Media terms) ‘blew up’ and received high amounts of exposure reaching a large part of the Windsor population – our main target audience.

Within 2 weeks the Facebook account grew from 0 followers to 860 (as of writing this). But when you look at today’s standards 860 isn’t that high, especially when comparing to competitors like Odeon, Vue or Everyman. However, with our 2-week lead-up campaign, we managed to reach 21,500 people.

To put that in perspective there is only a population of 32,184 in Windsor…

Let’s hope they don’t all show up at once!

How did you do it?

Well, I won’t share with you all of our secrets but one thing I can tell you is that a key factor in the growth and success of their Facebook account, was simply due to the fact we’re native to the Windsor area.

From research, we know that for 35 years there hasn’t been a cinema in the Windsor vicinity, and ultimately if there’s already a demand and a lot of nostalgia for past cinema childhood experiences here; reaching the Windsor population, organically, becomes a much easier feat.

We were delighted to have been asked by The Screen as their agency and we look forward to building their brand for the future for this most welcome local destination for folk and sweethearts of all ages.

The Social Media Stats.

In the GIF above, you can see how from the 16th of June – onwards,  it went from 0 followers to 539 in just one day.

Furthermore, you can see how it just keeps growing day by day, exceeding our initial expectations, as we originally thought Twitter would be the ideal platform. Our goal now is to gain 1,500 followers by the end of the year.

You may be wondering though, how is it possible to receive 539 follows in just one day?

Well, thanks to a post we made on the 15th of June, it went (almost!) viral, reaching Windsor and gaining 136 shares, 18,609 impressions and 174 likes.

With all those impressions we received 539 follows (in one day) and for the following days, it just kept growing.

You can see the post below where we’ve removed the names of peoples’ comments for privacy reasons. You can also see the comment yourself here.

You can also see the total number of followers we gained from this one post which has grown to 860 when this was written as well as the amount of engagement we received. (Engagement is the total number of likes, comments and shares all in one).


Now that we’ve had a successful launch, the page is gaining on average 5-10 follows per day – Sometimes if the post has more of an audience reach we’ve even seen an amount of 30 following per day.

Our primary goal now is to consistently post 5 days a week and build their reach on Social Media hitting our 1,500 followers mark.

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If you need a creative partner like us, contact us at Salamandra because we can help distil your complex business stories through animation, brand work and web design and implementation.

For information on how to get started or for a quote, email us at hello@salamandra.uk or call us on (0) 1753 444 327.