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Millwood Servicing Ltd - Messaging, Branding, Website, Animation - Salamandra.uk

What was the brief?

Salamandra was approached by Millwood Servicing Ltd to rebrand Millwood’s image. We were given the task of provide messaging and brand guidelines including a guide on social media plan, and creating an animation to act as a corporate explainer. We were also asked to redesign the website, in order to clearly explain what they do, and to house the new animation. The aim of rebranding Millwood Services was to engage potential clients and increase their online brand awareness to generate new leads.


What did Salamandra create?

After gaining an understanding on the topic of fire safety, through a messaging workshop with the client, we were able to distill the Millwood story into a comprehensive document, that detailed their messaging, brand guidelines, and a social media plan.

Using the messaging, and branding, we were able to create an informative one-minute corporate explainer animation, that educates potential customers on the products and services Millwood offers. The secondary aims were to generate new leads and increase their online brand awareness. We created the script and mood board for the animation – after client approval, we began production and create the slick 2D animation.

The final part of the project was to redesign their website with a completely fresh new look, making sure to highlight the products and services Millwood offers. It was clean, modern and incorporated a consistent image with the animation, in line with the brand guidelines created.

What was our favourite part?

We loved seeing the animation coming together as they adapted from the illustrations, and seeing it on the final website gave us a great sense of achievement.


The results?

We designed a flat colour with grain effect animation style, which perfectly complemented the company’s ethos while preserving the informative and engaging character of animation.


And, what did the client think?

For the record, not coming from a creative background ( I can barely draw a stickman) I really didn’t realise the time effort and expertise required to turn a few of my simple pencil ideas into reality – Salamandra  really are fantastic in their field of expertise and I can honestly say  that they have brought our ideas in principle to LIFE!